CHICHO foundation helps children in orphanages lead a better life since 2008.

Some of our success stories

We ensure 100% of all donations go directly to our projects.

Meet Milen

Milen, 28 years old, came to the care home when he was 4 and is now living independently in the CHICHO safe house. In the photo pointing at himself as little kid.

Meet Elena

This is Elena, 17. She grew up in care home “Slunchitse” and is now living in a foster home. In the photo pointing at herself as a child.

Meet Hristo

Hristo Lyubenov is 23 and is a real success story. He lived in care home “Slunchitse” where after exhibiting interest in music he started piano lessons, sponsored partly by CHICHO. Hristo will graduate the Sofia Music Academy after winning a full scholarship with his talent.

Meet the kids from Chicho House

Some years ago CHICHO renovated a house donated by the municipality of Gorski Senovets to be renovated and appropriated for the adolescents leaving the care home after turning 18. It provides shelter and serves as a safe transition into adulthood.